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. Matrimonial investigations – we can remove the uncertainties that upset you

Do you have doubts about the loyalty of partner and do you want to be sure whether they are cheating? Do you need evidence in cases that you might face, such as divorce, separation, child custody? Do you want to know the personal and / or professional history of person? We can help.

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Mystery shopping - we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes

Would like to assess the quality of the service that an employee provides for customers, as well as their satisfaction level? Do you want to identify exactly where there problems are in interacting with customers? We can help.

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Search / location of borrowers – we find people that owe you something

Are you searching for a debtor who does not respect the obligation of repaying the loan? Do you encounter difficulties in finding them? Are you are under time pressure and would like for a specialist in investigations to handle the search and location of debtors? Do you want to cut the losses of the debt recovery company you represent? We can help.

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Investigations for companies – we get the information that you need in decision making

Would you like to know more about a business partner? Would you like to check a potential employee? Do you want an internal investigation in your company and you do not want the institution's image to be affected? Are you are under time pressure and would like for a specialist in investigations to deal with all these issues? We can help.

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Unitpol Detective offers a complete range of professional services related to private investigations that meet all our customers’ requirements, both in terms of quality of results that are intended to be obtained and in terms of the available budget to be allocated.

Regardless of the uncertainties you face in personal life, professional or at the business that you manage, we are able to provide effective solutions that can provide clear answers to the questions you might have. We have a wide experience in investigative work, showing a high level of professionalism and discretion and ensuring that you get the best services every time.
Whether you are trying to find a person (a missing relative or a debtor), you suspect business partners are not honest, you feel your partner is not being faithful to you or you just want someone to be verified for some reason, we will provide the relevant evidence to help you make the right decisions for you.
Many private detectives agencies offer fixed rates. We understand that each client has different requirements and budgets, therefore, every investigation is customized and designed to provide specific answers to customers’ questions. Our prices are competitive and our aim is to offer customers the best services at a minimum cost.

Who are our clients

Our portfolio is mainly represented by companies, members of liberal professions (lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, etc.) and individuals who understand the role of relevant and timely for the decision making process. Therefore, we provide full service investigations for companies, financial institutions, law firms, insurance companies, debt collection companies and individuals.
Our private investigations services are offered mainly in Bucharest, but based on our collaborations with partner agencies, both in Romania and abroad, we can take over cases involving investigations in other cities of Romania, as well as other EU countries.

What we offer

The vast experience of our team allows us to cover a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

  • civil investigations for lawyers
  • child custody investigations
  • intellectual property rights investigations
  • checks and investigations of individuals
  • checks / searches for assets / properties
  • estate and probate investigations
  • matrimonial investigations
  • missing persons investigations / monitoring of individuals
  • verification and financial analysis of businesses
  • company thefts investigations
  • informative protection
  • fraud investigations
  • operational surveillance
  • searches / investigations of debtors
  • insurance investigations (false claims investigations)
  • mystery shopping
  • journalistic investigations


Call us anytime at phone number 0736874354 for a free consultation and speak with an investigator / private detective.